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Concrete admixtures improve the quality of concrete structures. They ensure more efficient processing and improved performance. Our knowledge and experience, combined with our advanced R&D and testing laboratory, constantly result in innovative products and applications.

Cugla is a supplier, but also a consultant

Each construction is unique. Each application of concrete therefore requires a sophisticated balance between cement, sand, gravel, water and the right admixtures. Cugla’s unprecedentedly wide range of products offers all possibilities for the best possible mixture for each specific project. Of course, we are happy to help our customers choose the right additives. Because in addition to being a supplier, we are also advisers.


It can always be better

At Cugla, we have been known for decades to make concrete better and stronger. We do this by working every day on new products that make concrete even more durable or improve its workability. Our concrete technologists have the most advanced equipment at their disposal in the R&D Centre to keep innovating. They are constantly working on this.

We produce at the Cugla Campus

We also keep the production of our auxiliary substances entirely in our own hands. We produce at the Cugla Campus in Breda, where we work with the best raw materials and most modern machines to guarantee the required quality.


Customised additives

In addition to the work to further expand the standard range, we also introduce customised additives for projects and processes with special requirements. It is a service par excellence with which we distinguish ourselves. On request, we manufacture exactly the right admixtures needed to give concrete the required properties for specific structures. Because we handle development, storage and production ourselves, we are extremely flexible and can optimally assist our customers as partners in the construction process.




Plasticisers are added to a concrete mix to reduce the water content without affecting the consistency. Plasticisers improve the dispersion of cement particles, which increases the workability. Manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete use plasticisers primarily to achieve optimum cost-effectiveness of the mixture.



Product nameProduct informationCEDOPSafety informationKOMOBENOR
CUGLA 80-20 con.35% SPL
CUGLA MO-20 con.20% SPL
CUGLA MO-20 con.40% SPL
CUGLA OQ con.35% SPL
CUGLA OQ con.40% SPL
CUGLA HR con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-3 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-5 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-6 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-7 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-8 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-9 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-10 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-11 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-12 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-14 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-15 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-18 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-21 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-23 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-23 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-24 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-25 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-26 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-27 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-28 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-29 con.25% SPL
CUGLA HR-32 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-33 con.25% SPL
CUGLA HR-37 con.25% SPL
CUGLA HR-39 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-39 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-41 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-42 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-44 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-45 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-46 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-47 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-51 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-51 con.23% SPL
CUGLA HR-51 con.25% SPL
CUGLA HR-51 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-52 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-53 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-54 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-55 con.18% SPL
CUGLA HR-56 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-57 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-58 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-61 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-61 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-62 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-63 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-63 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-63 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-64 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-65 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-67 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-68 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-69 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-70 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-71 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-72 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-73 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-74 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-75 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-75 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-76 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-77 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-78 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-79 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-80 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-81 con.25% SPL
CUGLA HR-81 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-82 con.25% SPL
CUGLA HR-83 con.25% SPL
CUGLA HR-84 con.25% SPL
CUGLA HR-85 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-87 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-88 con.20% SPL
CUGLA HR-89 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-90 con.30% SPL
CUGLA HR-92 con.35% SPL
CUGLA HR-93 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-1030 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-1500 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-1500 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-1550 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-2800 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-3600 con.25% SPL
CUGLA LR-4100 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-4200 con.23% SPL
CUGLA LR-4400 con.23% SPL
CUGLA LR-5011 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-5400 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-5410 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-5500 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-6100 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-6200 con.25% SPL
CUGLA LR-6300 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-6500 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-6750 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-6750 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-7000 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-7000 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-7100 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-7200 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-7300 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-7400 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-7400 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-7500 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-7500 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-7900 con.35% SPL
CUGLA LR-8400 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-8500 con.25% SPL
CUGLA LR-8650 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-8700 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-8800 con.35% SPL
CUGLA LR-9400 con.20% SPL
CUGLA LR-9400 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-9700 con.30% SPL
CUGLA LR-9800 con.30% SPL
CUGLA TR-105 con.30% SPL
CUGLA TR-208 con.25% SPL
CUGLA TR-208 con.30% SPL
CUGLA TR-208 con.35% SPL
CUGLA TR-300 con.10% SPL
CUGLA TR-400 con.30% SPL
CUGLA TR-500 con.35% SPL
CUGLA TR-570 con.20% SPL
CUGLA TR-570 con.30% SPL
CUGLA TR-740 con.20% SPL
CUGLA TR-740 con.30% SPL
CUGLA TR-800 con.25% SPL
CUGLA TR-800 con.30% SPL
CUGLA TR-860 con.30% SPL
CUGLA TR-950 con.20% SPL
CUGLA TR-960 con.30% SPL
CUGLA TR-960 con.35% SPL
CUGLA XR-03 con.20% SPL
CUGLA XR-05 con.35% SPL
CUGLA XR-06 con.20% SPL
CUGLA XR-07 con.20% SPL
CUGLA XR-08 con.25% SPL
CUGLA XR-011 con.30% SPL
CUGLA XR-09 con.35% SPL
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Plastificeerders zijn hulpstoffen die de verwerkbaarheid van een betonspecie verbeteren. Door het toevoegen van een plastificeerder is het mogelijk de waterbehoefte te verlagen zonder de consistentie van het betonmengsel te beïnvloeden.


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Air bubble formers 

An air bubble forming agent is an admixture for concrete that allows the formation of a controlled amount of finely divided air bubbles during the mixing process. These air bubbles remain in the concrete mixture after it has hardened. When the concrete has hardened, the remaining air bubbles interrupt the capillary action of the air channels of the concrete. If the water in the concrete freezes, the ice can expand in air cavities formed by the air bubbles. This increases the resistance to frost.


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Retainers are admixtures for concrete that delay the onset of bonding or extend the processing time. Retainers offer several practical and logistical advantages. Delayers can be used excellently when customers or clients expect, for example, long transport, waiting or processing times.


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Accelerators are admixtures for concrete that speed up the binding. This is done, for example, by shortening the transition from the plastic phase to the solid phase of the mixture. In addition, accelerators can be used to increase strength in the initial phase.


CUGLA Versneller SA-10 con.33% BS
CUGLA Versneller HA-20 con.50% VS
CUGLA Versneller HA-30 con.56% VS
CUGLA Versneller HA-50 con.25% VS
CUGLA Versneller HA-60 con.20% VS
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Cugla’s Pavingplast admixtures are special admixtures for the production of earth-moist concrete. Using this technology in earth-moist concrete results in a more beautiful and stronger concrete at lower production costs and a better environmental profile.


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By adding VMAs (Viscosity Modifying Agents) in combination with superplasticisers, it is possible to produce a robust concrete mortar – with a relatively low volume of fine particles – that is very stable and easy to work with.


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Foaming agents 

Cugla foaming agents are used for the manufacture of foamed concrete. In its elementary form, foam concrete consists of 4 components: cement, water, foaming agent and air. Low weight, low water absorption, thermal insulation and durability are the most important properties of foam concrete. Cugla has synthetic and biological foaming agents in its range.


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We are happy to help

Our admixtures teams are at your disposal. We will be happy to advise you on the optimum concrete composition.


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